What are Pool Retaining Walls, and why Atlanta Pool Builders Recommend Them?

Backyards where people usually get pools built are rarely entirely flat, and there are many slopped yards where we have built pools in the past. Most houses are built higher than their surroundings to prevent them from flooding during the rainy season. Hence,  there is a need to create a wall between the slope of your home and the pool. These walls are called retaining walls, and we at Sandals Luxury Pools, along with other reputed Atlanta Pool Builders, recommend retaining walls as they are an essential pool structure. With that being said, many homeowners who have a pool aren’t sure if they need retaining walls or not. By reading this article, anyone who isn’t familiar with retaining walls will get a better understanding of their importance.

What Exactly are Pool Retaining Walls as Per Pool Builders in Atlanta, GA?

As per pool builders in Atlanta, GA, retaining walls are built between the slope of your backyard and your pool. As the name suggests, these walls stop the soil and debris from getting to your pool, and they also offer an aesthetic appeal to your pool. If your backyard is entirely flat, we might not recommend installing a retaining wall; however, this is rarely the case. As mentioned above, most yards have a slope that requires a barrier to keep the rainwater and soil away from your pool. Usually, retaining walls are built using concrete, mortar, and other heavy-duty materials in layers. Once the wall reaches the desired height, we put a finishing layer on the wall to make it look aesthetically pleasing. There are different styles, lengths, and designs of pool barrier walls that you can get built, and we can recommend the best type after inspecting your pool.

Why is it a Good Idea to Get a Pool Retaining Wall Installed?

The primary reason Georgia pool builders such as us build retaining walls is to stop the soil from flowing into the pool when it rains. Besides that, people get pool walls constructed to conceal the ground, bushes, and other structures they don’t want to be seen from their pool. Pool barrier walls can also act as a privacy shield if they are built high enough they can keep your pool private and safe from the eyes of nosy neighbors.

However, the wall’s height is your choice; usually, our team of professional pool builders constructs pool retaining walls that are just the right height to be used as a bench to sit on. The other essential reason your pool needs a retaining wall is that it can prevent water from splashing all over the place if kids are playing in the pool.

Being the top Atlanta pool builder, we have installed retaining walls for several pools, and if you want to get a retaining wall build for your pool, get in touch with us.