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Pool Repair in Atlanta

Every pool requires regular maintenance but some faults are beyond that. Some parts require repair or sometimes even replacement. Knowing when to call in for repair services can be a big deciding factor when it comes to the proper functioning and long-term usability of your pool. That is where our expertise and years of experience at Sandals Luxury Pools come in handy; our team can breathe new life into it. With a fresh new look and everything functioning properly, you can’t help but dive right in!

During a pool repair session, we look for cracks, leaks, and pump and filter malfunction; we also check and repair the automatic pool cleaner along with other equipment like the heater. And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Skimmer And Pump Basket

The skimmer and pump basket are both responsible for cleaning your pool. While the skimmer works on cleaning the finer debris, the pump basket collects the larger ones. Depending on how much the pool is used, these can go bad. A quick look and we can have it up and running.

Heater Repair

A pool heater is built to resist water while heating it adequately. The water-resistant design is still prone to breaking and oftentimes people jump in just to find the water cold. We don’t want that to be you. Our technical crew can have it fixed in minimum time; let us take care of it for you.

Wear And Tear Repair

Under extreme cold and heat, your pool material can expand and contract causing it to develop cracks that can lead to leakages and fungal growth. Not only is it unhealthy for you but you are also essentially wasting water. Repairing the cracks is something we specialize in!

Pool Repair

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Pool Repair

Why Do You Need A Pool Repair Service?

Getting your pool serviced and repaired when needed helps improve its lifespan and allows you to have peace of mind. With time, problems like cracks and faulty equipment are bound to show up. Calling us at the right time can save you on extensive and pricey repairs later on. We will backwash your filter, test the pool water and check for chlorine levels and minerals that are needed.

We will also check the skimmer and pump, and the automatic pool cleaner, clean the screens, brush the walls, check the heater, and repair it if needed. Besides that, we will net the pool, vacuum it, and monitor the pool operation; thorough aren’t we?

Atlanta Pool Repair Service

The Best Swimming Pool Repair Service in Town

As mentioned, timely pool repair is crucial for its overall usability. If you don’t have a fully functional pool with properly running equipment such as filters and pumps, the pool can become an unhealthy area to swim in. Keeping a large body of water clean and maintained can be a challenge but not anymore. Our services are exactly what you need to have a safe and good working pool.

We specialize in everything from pool designing, landscaping, hardscaping, and repair and maintenance as well. Our professional team is only a call away.