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Want to know a bit more about the hardscapes that we do in Atlanta? Building a custom swimming pool requires tons of planning, not just for the swimming pool itself, but also for the hardscapes surrounding it such as fireplaces, retaining walls, and patio areas for hanging out with guests.

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Often projects need a little something extra and hardscapes can be that little something like curved sheer descent. Areas left to open or patios to large without something to break them up can often be overwhelming and make the project look like a parking lot instead of a swimming pool. Sandals will pay attention to detail to be sure you get the atmosphere you are looking for from your project.

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We are providing you with the best fireplace contractors in Atlanta to create a relaxing ambiance and heating room according to your need.

Fire Pits

We give you comfort with luxury providing you fire pits with the latest design and customizing the fire pits according to your desire.

Retaining Walls

We designed our retaining walls in such a way that they not support soil laterally at different levels on the two sides but also give a modern look.


We with our designs are providing your dining out experience memorable with our designs you can easily enjoy luxury dining at your own place.


Accents give your outdoor décor complete look, we design the best architectural accents in Atlanta in such a way that they will give you strong pillars with the style.

Outdoor Kitchens

Starting from a simple barbeque benchtop or a fully functioning kitchen we are providing the most wanted outdoor kitchen designers in Atlanta.


As we are also known as staircase builders, with a wide and modern range of stairs cases designs available. Choose now from our designs to get the outdoor décor of your dreams.

Natural Waterfall

Giving you the feeling of natural waterfall at your own property.We know what the best is for you. Using natural materials like rocks and stone, there is no end to the combinations to create your own personalized paradise.
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Durable Materials

Tiles, stone, pavers, rock and concrete are just some of the different materials you can select from to make your pool area unique to you and your tastes. The durability of these materials will almost outlive the life of the house itself. The value added to your property will be immense.

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We deal in all pool sizes ranging from residential to commercial use of any size, shape, or design of Atlanta pool builders. We believe in providing high-quality services at unbeatable prices. We also provide a wide and modern range of outdoor kitchens and affordable spas in Atlanta along with complete installation and refurbishment of existing pools. Our service is intended to make owning a swimming pool and Saunas as enjoyable and stress-free as possible every time.

That’s not it Sandals offers many services including the design and installation of inground swimming pools, stonework, masonry work, landscape, irrigation, and much more. We involve construction step by step and save our customers time, money, and the headache of hiring multiple contractors that may not provide the same quality work. Our approach works well no matter how large or small the project and we welcome all projects.

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Sandals Luxury Pools is providing you the wide and modern range of in ground pools in Atlanta ga. We are known as one of the best pool companies in Atlanta. Our main focus is to provide you luxury with comfort. You can easily get at our store what you desire for your outdoor decor, we make your dreams come true. We are proud of what we design; that’s not it we can organize a pool party for you according to your desire and needs.