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Pool Cleaning in Atlanta

Would you swim in a dirty pool? Like most people, your answer is probably, no, unless it was a truth or dare situation. Nobody likes a pool that has not been cleaned and taken care of in a long while. From the bacteria that may be growing on the walls to debris floating inside, it feels like a pain in the neck to clean. And we at Sandals Luxury Pool totally get you! We know the work it requires to thoroughly clean a pool and you may not have the time to fit it into your busy routine. Let us help you as our services are considered one of the best in Atlanta.

We are one of the biggest swimming pool contractors in the city. We make pool designs, clean and maintain them, and make sure you don’t run into any pool-related problems. Here are a few in-ground pool cleaning services we have to offer.

Vacuuming The Pool

Our top rated service vacuums do a great job at cleaning the bottom of your pool leaving behind no visible debris that can hinder your swimming experience. We also brush the side walls so there is no bacterial or algae deposition left behind.

Skimmer and Pump Cleaning

While the skimmer removes the little debris from the pool, the pump removes the larger ones. Both of them collect it in a basket that needs to be cleaned. We make sure the basket is immaculate after we are done cleaning. Let us do it for you!

Chemistry and PH levels

The pool water needs a set blend of chemicals that maintain a healthy environment inside while maintaining a healthy pH to kill bacteria. When we clean your pool, we make sure all the chemicals are up to the required levels so you can have a safe swim.

Pool Cleaning

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Pool Cleaning

The Importance Of Pool Cleaning

A dirty pool is home to all sorts of infections and diseases. No one wants a fun time to be ruined just because the pool wasn’t safe to swim in. We understand your concerns and want to provide you with more than just a regular debris cleaning of the pool. We want to get rid of contaminants on a microscopic level to promise a greater level of cleanliness no one else can.

The care we put into our work, you won’t find anywhere else. We believe your pool is your backyard oasis that deserves an in-depth cleaning so you can have peace of mind. Contact us now and leave it to the professionals.

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The Best Pool Cleaning Service in Atlanta is Just a Phone Call Away!

We have 10 years of experience and expertise to back us up. Our crew is super cooperative and listens to all your questions, concerns and ideas before proceeding. Our intriguing pool designs are loved all over Atlanta so give us a ring if you want to be a part of this journey.

We believe the customer is always right and you can see that through the work we have to offer. Our services leave the customers satisfied and happy with their pools. We know the importance of summertime pool parties and want you to enjoy them to the highest degree. Call us now and give your pool the treatment it deserves!