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Looking for one of the best retaining walls contractors in Atlanta? Give us a call today! We’re extremely excited to talk about the possibility of adding a retaining wall to your beautiful luxury pool designed by one of the best swimming pool contractor Atlanta! The core of designing your hardscape is built around the installation of retaining walls. These walls and their shape and function is at the essence of the environment you are trying to create. Retaining walls will set the basis for using the surrounding areas and creating a use for this space. Usually done in the original design, to create the basic landscape, retaining walls can also be installed into an existing area that is needing some type of solution solved by integrating into an existing hardscape.

Landscaping like, plants, trees and bushes, can be brought up to pools edge creating the juxtaposition of the water against lush greenery. Retaining walls design in Atlanta can create planting beds anywhere you need them and can allow your pool to and hardscape to be inset deeper into any hill or incline. The idea is to create land mass where you want to offset concrete, stone, or the pools water edge.

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want to expand your backyard?

How about an area where you can cook outside and not worry about leaving your guests at a party waiting outside? Well look no further, building a retaining wall also creates the opportunity for a waterfall, water feature or water slide.

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By elevating another platform of land or cutting into an already existing hill, you create elevation for water drops, slide installation etc. The possibilities are endless and creating walls and structures with retaining walls Atlanta and can allow you to decoratively control the feel of your backyard paradise.

stone for retaining walls
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Your desire is our priority, Select design and shape of your own choice.  From selection to end result we will guide you in every step.

pool with a waterslide

Water slide

Add fun and excitement for the whole family by adding a custom water feature, such as a waterslide to your pool.

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Water bowls

Choosing to add a water bowl to your pool is a wise investment that will add joy and color to your backyard pool or water feature.

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Sheer Descents

Benefit of the sheer waterfall is the oxygenation that is put back into the water as the waterfall churns the water constantly

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Outdoor kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are a total benefit to your barbecue by not only having a grill but you can also add a refrigerator and/or a flat grill.

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water sheer descent

Natural waterfall

A natural waterfall built into your pool area can create a feeling of being taken away from your average backyard pool to an island oasis.

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Fire and water

The juxtaposition of fire and water creates a wow factor that can impress most but also bring an added value to your entire property.

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Deck Jets are a great way to add a magical element to your backyard. They differ from normal jets and can be mounted outside

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swimming pool bubbler in atlanta


Adding bubblers to your pool or spa is great way to add design and oxygen to your pool. The flow of air creates bubbles

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For over a decade Sandals Luxury Pools has been a top-rated Pool Builders Atlanta by providing complete inground pool installations and other outdoor amenities such as Water Bowls, Spas, Deck Jets, and much more. From the initial design of the luxury pool to the customization of the Fiberglass pool, to the finishing touches of the Fire and Water Features, we will take care of every step in the process to make sure everything goes smoothly. What are you waiting for?

That’s not it Sandals offers many services including the design and installation of inground swimming pools, stone work, masonry work, landscape, irrigation, and much more. We involve construction steps by step and save our customers time, money, and the headache of hiring multiple contractors that may not provide the same quality work. Our approach works well no matter how large or small the project and we welcome all projects.