Winter Pool Maintenance Tips from Top Atlanta Pool Builders

The swimming pool in your backyard needs adequate and regular care and maintenance during the colder months so that you can fully enjoy the summers in it. A top Atlanta pool builder, like Sandals Luxury Pools, will provide some valuable tips to look after it in winters. That is because you just can’t abandon it as the temperatures start to drop. After all, it may cost you a lot to get the pool ready when it’s the hotter period of the year. You need to make some effort to ensure that your swimming pool stays ready for the summer months. These efforts may include covering it and maintaining the pH level of the water. This article discusses some essential tips you need to look after the pond in your backyard. Please, read them all as they may provide you with some valuable information. 

Pool Maintenance Tips from an Atlanta Pool Builder

Cover it Properly 

Covering your pool correctly and thoroughly is the primary and most crucial part of the maintenance and care process. However, before you put the cover on, you need to ensure the water is clean and all the debris is taken care of. Since the sheet hasn’t been used since last winter, you may need to ensure that it doesn’t sprinkle debris into the water when you spread it over the pool. So, remove anything unnecessary from it and wash it if need be to ensure it is clean inside out. If you’re covering an above-ground pool, ensure that the cover is firmly attached to its edges. 

Give Pool Parts a Quick Check 

The hidden or underground parts of your swimming pool are mostly ignored, even when you use it regularly. They play an important role in ensuring that you swim in clean and chemically balanced water throughout the summers. They’re also essential for maintaining the pool when the covers are on, as the pump keeps the water at the required level. So, you need to give the vital parts like the pump and filter a quick look to check if they’re working fine. Clean them thoroughly and remove all the debris. Eliminate any issues with those parts, or you’ll have to call pool companies in Atlanta to repair the whole system and make it functional when summers come. 

Keep Water Chemistry Balanced 

While the pool is under the cover during the winter months, you need to ensure that its pH and chemistry are balanced. It prevents the growth of algae and bacteria in the water. Add the required amount of chemicals to keep these unnecessary developments at bay. The water pH needs to be between 4 and 7.6, maintain the alkalinity between 100 and 150 parts per million (ppm), and the amount of free chlorine between 2 and 4 ppm. That is only possible if you regularly check the pool and the condition of water it contains so that you don’t need the services of an Atlanta pool builder at the end of the winter season.

These are some essential tips you need to follow to ensure that your swimming pool is clean, well-maintained, and in good condition throughout the off-season. If you have any questions about the topic or need the services of a professional pool maintenance firm, contact Sandals Luxury Pools to benefit from what they offer.