Why Do You Need Pool Builder for Vibrant Pool Parties In Atlanta?

There is nothing better than a pool party in the scorching heat. It is the ultimate fixture to control heat and feel refreshed. However,  Atlanta pool builders can add more fun to your party! Want to know how? It is because a pool company in Atlanta, Sandals Luxury Pools, aims to be one of the best pool contractors in the line.

Furthermore, a pool builder company can provide you with more professional and highly customized services for your needs. Also, you get to avail so much more than just a pool built according to your choice.

Are you excited to know? Let’s dive in!

How are Atlanta Pool Builders Distinctive from Others?

What sets a pool company in Atlanta apart is its unique touch which leaves the clients breathless at first sight! You can look at Atlanta pool builder’s unique designs to decide which one suits you best.

You can have a range of designs when it comes to pool construction. It is all about how clients want it to be. Your pool can have a spa, stone works, and waterfalls. Also, we customize pool design according to your space. Let’s take a look at some of the distinctive features of Sandals Luxury Pools for our clients.

Beautifully Crafted Stonework

Not every pool company in Atlanta offers beautifully designed Stonework. The Stonework is great for beautifying your pool and making your pool parties more attractive. You can have Stonework the way you want. It can be in a shape of a fireplace, an outdoor kitchen for a BBQ party, or a pool staircase. Also, there is no point in questioning the durability of Stonework by Sandals Luxury Pools one of the best pool company in atlanta. We ensure the lifelong durability of Stonework. You can stone work with any following materials.

  • Premium quality tiles
  • Stones
  • Rocks
  • Concrete and pavers

It is all about how you like it to be. We save customers time and money by providing the best possible quality and designs according to their space. 

Luxury Spa Installations

How about a luxurious spa installed at your pool to spellbind your visitors? Can’t it get any better than this, right? Well, it is one of the great concepts introduced by pool installation companies in Atlanta for a more refreshing experience.

You can easily turn your backyard into a resort for much more fun-filled pool parties! If not, you can have spas for relaxation after a stressful day at work. You’ll never regret having a resort-like pool area. 

The spa not only provides relaxation to your body but also has great skin benefits. With hot tubs installed, it increases blood circulation, which helps deliver more oxygen to your skin.

An Atlanta pool company is beneficial for you in every manner. Be it mental or physical health. You are in good hands! Get in touch with us today to plan your pool area.

Captivating Waterfalls

Adding waterfalls to your pool area will bring sheer enjoyment to your guests. It will add a great touch of luxury and a soothing effect to your space. It doesn’t only look good, but it also has great benefits for your pool’s filtration. 

Let’s have a look at the benefits of having waterfalls offered by pool installation companies in Atlanta

  •  The water flow keeps the pool cleaned and filtered
  • It helps maintain the pool’s health and frequent usability
  • It ensures the water is algae free

And most importantly, for hot summer pool parties, it keeps the pool temperature cool. 

We have a whole new range of types of waterfalls you might want to have in your backyard. Some of the most popular ones are listed below.

  • Water slides

Experience summer in the most fun-filled way with water slides. It doesn’t only make your pool parties entertaining but also gives your pool area a finished look.

  • Bubblers

Installing bubblers is a creative way to keep the filtration and oxygen level balanced. Also, it will add more soothing effects to your pool parties in the scorching heat.

  • Water bowls

 Water bowls will add a luxury effect to your pool area. Adding more colors to a boring backyard can never be useless.

For more information, consult a FAQ( Frequently Asked Questions) below.

Which shape of the pool is the cheapest?

A kidney-shaped pool will be a wise choice for people on a budget. Its curved design will consist of square footage compared to an actual swimming pool.

What is a good family pool size?

If you’re looking for a family pool, always opt for a pool size of fewer than six feet. Also, a rectangular pool is the best choice for it.

What type of inground pool is best?

The most popular inground pool is the gunite pool. It is durable and can be designed in any shape. It is built to last longer than any other type of pool.


Pool parties or no pool parties, getting a pool area designed by Atalanta pool builders can be fruitful in every aspect. You can have the most spellbound pools for your family, friends, or customers( commercial clients) at the best possible price. Consult us for the unique-designed pools today!