What Are Some Common Materials Used For Hardscaping Luxury Pools?

When homeowners plan on building luxury pools, they are usually too focused on the pool construction itself that they tend to ignore the importance of hardscaping their swimming area. At Sandals Luxury Pools, we understand the importance of hardscaping, and we work with homeowners in selecting the best hardscaping materials for their luxury pools. While in the past, the only hardscaping material that you could use as concrete, which is not the case anymore. There are different hardscaping materials that you can pick and use when constructing your swimming area. In this article, we will walk you through some common hardscaping materials you can choose from, so read on.

Pool builders in Atlanta, GA, can help recommend the following pool hardscaping materials

Wooden decking:

Pool builders in Atlanta, GA, including us, recommend wooden decking; however, since wood is prone to rot when exposed to water, it is best to choose composite wood for your pool hardscaping. Since composite wood doesn’t rot, break, get termites, or become slippery over time, it is a perfect alternative to real wood as it offers the same aesthetic without the drawbacks of wood. However, keep in mind that while composite wood might look exotic as a decking material, it comes with a high cost.


When you hear the word concrete, the first thing that comes to mind is plain dull concrete that doesn’t seem fit for luxury pools. However, you can embed concrete with small pebbles, sea glass, and other materials to enhance its texture and appearance. Since leisure pools are built to make your home stand out, a concrete patio with embedded materials is going to do just that. Besides, with the addition of other decorative materials in concrete, it becomes a lot less slippery, making it a perfect material for your poolside patio.

Natural stone:

If you are looking to achieve a more natural look for your luxury pool, then natural stone or flagstone can be an excellent choice for patio material when hardscaping your pool. Natural stone comes in different colors and design options which allows you to achieve the look you want for your luxury pool. You can buy natural stone at various price ranges, which means you can easily find natural stone in your price range and install it as your pool hardscaping material. At Sandals Luxury Pools, we provide a wide range of rock and other hardscaping options to homeowners so you can easily choose the type of stone you like and get it installed by your pool.


Tiles are known for their glossy finish and their durability; however, they are also notorious for becoming slippery once they get wet. While there are anti-slip tile options that you can buy for hardscaping your pool, you should still be careful when installing tiles if kids will be using the pool. On the upside, tiles come with different design options, which offer endless customization options to homeowners.

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