Thinking About Adding Waterslides to Your Luxury Pools? Read This.

Luxury pools are not just meant to be for show; you can have a lot of fun in your luxury pool. If you have kids who use the luxury pool, adding waterslides will be a significant fun factor. Our experienced pool builders at Sandals Luxury Pools can add waterslides to your existing pool as well as build one along with your new luxury pool. However, most homeowners who have a luxury pool realize later on that they can add waterslides. So, in short, yes, you can add waterslides to your luxury pool, and they are a great combination. This article will help you understand what you need to consider when getting waterslides added to luxury pools.

What Are The Different Types Of Waterslides Atlanta Pool Builders Can Build For You?

When getting waterslides built by Atlanta pool builders you can get waterslides built in any design you want. However, waterslides that are built on pools generally come in three different types. These three types of waterslides that are commonly installed for luxury pools are as follows:

Straight leg slides: As the name suggests, these slides are straight near the top, and by the end, they have a curve giving them the appearance of a leg. We can build these slides in tall or short versions depending upon your needs.

Molded leg slides: These slides have a lot more turns and twists and come in different shapes. The taller the slide is, the more twisty it can be made.

Elephant leg slide: These slides come in a spiral design, and they usually have two variations one with a curvy design and one with a steep slope at the start of the slide that gets less steep by the end.

When finalizing the waterslide for your pool, the design and type is not the only factor to consider. We recommend installing high strength slides with rounded edges to prevent injuries. We also build handrails along the stairs to ensure you have plenty of grip when going up the slide. Not to mention we keep the stair platform-wide so climbing is easy for kids even during slippery conditions. Making luxury backyard pools safe is our number one priority, and we build safety features into the pool design. Keeping comfort in mind, we can even add water flow to the waterslide for lubrication so not only is it more fun but also comfortable to use.

Make Sure You Have Enough Space Around The Luxury Pool For Waterslide Installation

When installing a waterslide to your luxury pool, you should make sure there is enough available space around the luxury pool. Waterslides can take up a lot of space around your pool, and when installing a waterslide, we make sure that you can walk around the pool without the slide blocking the path. So if the area around the pool is congested, we can widen the patio to adjust the waterslide while leaving enough room to walk around.

Are you looking for pool builders in GA to install a waterslide to your luxury pool? Simply, get in touch with us for all your pool needs.



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