The core of designing your hardscaped is built around the installation of retaining walls. These walls and their shape and function is at the essence of the environment you are trying to create. Retaining walls will set the basis for using the surrounding areas and creating a use for this space. Usually done in the original design, to create the basic landscape, retaining walls can also be installed into an existing area that is needing some type of solution solved by  integrating into an existing hardscape.

Landscaping like, plants, trees and bushes, can be brought up to pools edge creating the juxtaposition of the water against lush greenery. Retaining walls can create planting beds anywhere you need them and can allow your pool to and hardscape to be inset deeper into any hill or incline. The idea is to create land mass where you want to offset concrete,stone, or the pools water edge.

Building a retaining wall also creates the opportunity for a waterfall, water feature or water slide. By elevating another platform of land or cutting into an already existing hill, you create elevation for water drops, slide installation etc. The possibilities are endless and creating walls and structures with retaining walls and can allow you to decoratively control the feel of your backyard paradise.