Your outdoor hardscaped entertainment area is one that you will want to be able to use during all four seasons of the year. Installing an outdoor fireplace gives you another component and dynamic to your outdoor leisure area and allows for warmth and coziness. Many different approaches can be taken to having an outdoor fireplace. You can have one designed to resemble the traditional hearth for sitting, a style that would be found inside a home. You could also design it to be more of a fire pit with outdoor bench type seating around it–there are so many options for you to choose.

Among other ways to design your fireplace is to connect it to an outdoor kitchen. Many times gas lines can be run to equip the fireplace as well as your outdoor cooking equipment. Some fireplaces are designed to be connected to a pool area, for drying off after a brisk summer swim, and can be be more of an artist feature. The combinations are endless when it comes to designing your outdoor fireplace.