A natural waterfall built into your pool area can create a feeling of being taken away from your average backyard pool to an island oasis. Using these natural materials like rocks and stone, there is no end to the combinations and configurations to create your own personalized paradise.

Waterfall styles can range from jagged cliffs with large drops to small bubbling grottos that trickle and create a quieter relaxed feel. Large rushing waterfalls can create a sound barrier of white noise that can help block out unwanted sounds and create a subtle meditation sensation that will have you in your own little individual paradise island right in your backyard.

Overall, a natural waterfall benefits your  pool. Waterfalls can also help with things like filtration. The waterfall keeps water flowing, and helps your pool’s ability to clean itself. This waterfall helps maintain your water’s health and usability in your pool. In addition, the constant movement of the waterfall ensures your water will remain algae free. One of the most important added benefits is that waterfalls can help cool the pool water’s temperature, even during the hot months of summer. This can make your backyard pool have a completely different feel, and create a unique one of a kind paradise for you and your family.