What Are Some of The Latest Trends in Luxury Pools You Should Know About?

If you are building a new luxury pool or renovating your old pool by adding new features to it, you are probably looking for inspiration about pool ideas. If you find it hard to pick design and feature options available for luxury pools, you are not alone. However, at Sandals Luxury Pools, we often tell our customers who can’t decide on design and styling for their luxury pool to go with the latest trends instead. Just like any other industry luxury pool industry also has some designs and styles that are more popular than others. If you are wondering what these trends are, then we suggest you read this article until the end.

Luxury Pool Trends as Told by Atlanta Pool Builders

Atlanta pool builders such as our team at Sandals Luxury Pools closely monitor the hot trends in the luxury pool industry. Here are some common luxury pool trends that are highly sought after:

Swim-up bars/kitchen: Swim-up bars and kitchens are exactly what they sound like. Since luxury is directly associated with food and drinks, it makes sense why swim-up bars are in trend nowadays. This luxury pool feature is primarily built in pools that are meant to entertain guests. With a swim-up bar built into your luxury pool, you can swim up to the bar and get cold drinks or food served to you while enjoying your fancy pool. A swim-up bar is the ideal luxury pool feature for someone who likes to throw many pool parties and invite friends over.

Innovative lighting features: Lighting has always been a significant part of any luxury pool build. However, in recent years, we have seen a rise in intelligent lighting features for pools. With intelligent lighting features, you can control the brightness, colour, and even the movement of the pool lights. This feature is in trend because it allows you to set the mood and atmosphere for your luxury pool according to the occasion. If you have a pool party going on, you can select the smart lighting to be colourful and bright levels to set the stage for a killer pool party. If you are trying to relax in your pool with your partner, you can dim the lights and choose more soft colours to fit the mood.

Energy efficiency: Going green is not just a slogan anymore; in fact, energy efficiency has made its way into the luxury pools and spas. With more and more people trying to reduce their carbon footprint and preserving the environment, we have seen a rise in the trend of using intelligent pool pumps, solar heaters, smart lighting and biodegradable filtration materials. All of these energy efficiency features are environmentally friendly, and they help keep the cost of running your luxury pool lower. So you can keep up with the trends while making sure that your pool is running economically.

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