Best Landscaping Solutions around Luxury Pools by Atlanta Pool Builders

The area around a luxury pool is equally important regarding layout, maintenance and luxury. You cannot have water fun with an unkempt surroundings. Having this comfort needs right planning of the landscape around the pool. Atlanta pool builders provide you low maintenance and least labor-intensive landscaping around the pool. Backyards, mostly, are the part of the home which have some level of upkeep, but it’s not like we let all the landscape flourish on its own. 

Atlanta pool builders preferences regarding landscaping

We believe that a luxury pool is more about having fun than just taking care. To make it a perfect retreat, we prefer the landscape that renders comfort, elegance, safety and privacy. The landscape around a luxury pool is basically a mix of hardscape and plantations. Sandal Luxury Pool provides such solutions which add natural richness to your yard, at the same time help save labor. Here we list our luxury pool landscaping plan:

Water-wise Lawn

You have not planted the lawn around the pool to water it all the time. Watering such a big area is time taking and tiring, you will have to deploy a team on janitorial for it. We are one of the pool companies in Atlanta that has introduced water saving lawn solutions. For it we suggest two type of lawn plantations; Xeriscaping and Autumn Joy Stonecrop. Both of these are best gardening methods which are not prone to drought and survive affluently on minimal water supply. 

Install Smart Irrigation System

Supplying water to such an uneven lawn arrangement using hose pipe is a laborious task. Also, it doesn’t provide an even water sprinkle to the whole area. Along with custom pool installations in Atlanta, we install an automatic irrigation system which saves time, waters precisely and it can be set for intense watering where required. Moreover, its automatic timing feature enables you to water even when you are not at home.

Use Grass Alternatives

We are one of those pool building companies in Atlanta that prefers grass alternatives in landscaping around the luxury pools. For it we use Clover and Ferns as grass in place of traditional grass cover. Clover has numerous eco-friendly and land covering qualities, primarily drought resistance. The plant combats weeds, is insect-resistant and doesn’t require frequent mowing. Additionally, it is rich in nitrogen, which improves the fertility of the lawn. Ferns are ideal for shady areas. They are also trouble-free plants, which can be used as grass alternatives. Their growth is dense and can even cover the bald patches, where grass fails to grow. 

Control Land Erosion

Extremely traversed areas around the pool and runoff coming down the hill suffer land erosion. Atlanta pool builders suggest erosion control techniques, for such areas as it can be devastating for your lawn scape. Creeping junipers are best erosion control solutions. They are vigorous growers, they help cover the lawn instantly and don’t need to be mowed. If you want to tame the steep hill areas, use these ground covers, who are weed controllers as well. If you already have a lawn that is facing erosion, do plant creeping junipers, which have an amazing speedy growth.

Go for an Equal Hardscape

We are the smart pool installation Atlanta, which provides elegant hardscapes; promoting beauty of the lawn, at the same time saves you from the hassle of everyday care. The hardscape includes brick patios, rock or concrete walkways, stone walls, gravel beds, wooden fences and pergolas. Our North Atlanta Hardscapes Contractors use the multiple options for your hardscape looks; marble, limestone, granite or bluestone, anything that you love to use for adorning your lawn. These natural rocks themselves are a décor, which doesn’t need watering, mowing or weeding. The only care it needs is sunlight to save them from getting moist and slippery. 

Use Planters

Planters save you from a detailed care and maintenance of the plants. Initially, you need to give more care, but as soon as the plants get stronger, it doesn’t need that much care. The containers are easy to move and can be placed in the spaces based on their sunlight and water needs. Plants in containers are less likely to catch diseases and pests. Weed removal is a far easier job in planters, compared to open ground. We are one of the pool companies in Atlanta that prefers container gardening due to its lawn care fringe benefits. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of tree would you suggest around the pool?

Better to go for dwarf trees, as they are easy to maintain and prune. Moreover, if you plant deciduous, they will have less leaf clutter to clean.

How to save the lawn cover from dogs?

Use the type of grass that supports paw traffic. Clover lawn is perfect for it, but Bermuda or fescue grass are also best suitable options.

Is artificial grass a good idea for garden cover?

Artificial grass saves you from any sort of watering, mowing and weeding care. It’s a good option for the owners who want to enjoy the greenery around the luxury pool without hassle of care.