How To Find The Right Atlanta Pool Builder

You have made the decision to build swimming in your home where you can spend quality time with your friends and family and take a dip in cool water in the hot summer season whenever you want. Getting your pool made is an adventurous task, selecting the location, design, whether it is going indoor, outdoor, or above ground, and the color scheme, etc., but before you move on to the designing part, you will have to look for a trusted and reputed Atlanta pool builder.

In today’s era, whenever we make up our minds to purchase something or avail of a service, we always search for it online. Unfortunately, selecting the best one in the list of hundreds of pool contractors in Atlanta is not an easy task. Therefore, to help you make the right decision, we have developed a checklist for you to go through in order to ensure you select the best one. 

But before we move on to the checklist, you shall first understand the importance of hiring an Atlanta pool builder to construct the pool of your dreams for you. A professional pool builder will ensure that the materials used to build your pool are of high quality. They take care of the rules and standard protocols of building the pool and ensure that your pool is built on time and within the budget. Hence, in short, professional pool builders help to save your time, effort, and money while also building the pool of your desires. If you’d like to learn in detail the importance of pool builders, you may read our blog on it by visiting the link.

Now that you understand the importance of hiring professionals to build Atlanta pools let’s move on to the checklist. 

Factors To Consider When Selecting Atlanta Pool Builder

Choosing the right Atlanta pool builder is not an easy task. Making the wrong decision will cost you a lot, either upfront or after years. Therefore, instead of struggling, later on, you shall spend some time researching various pool builders and be careful when making the decision. 

Here are some factors that you must consider when making the decision. 

Customer Reviews

It is very important for you to check whether their previous customers are satisfied with the quality of the service they were given. One easy way to get to know about this is to search for the builder online and read the online reviews given by the customers. While it is very common for companies to have some negative comments, they must not exceed 3 or 4. Another thing that you must be careful about is to make sure that the accounts of the commenters are real and not fake. To ensure this, you must visit their profile and trust your gut when it comes to judging whether or not the profile is fake or real. 

Another thing that you can do is visit their website and read the customer testimonials, or if you’d like to dig a bit deeper, you can visit their social media website and see the levels of customer engagement on their posts. You may also ask your friends, family, or acquaintances about their experience with the builder you’re considering if they happen to get services from them. The reason we recommend this is that it helps you get to know whether the Atlanta pool builder you’re considering has a customer-centric approach or not. 


The experience of the builders matters a lot too. As a rule of thumb, any company that you consider working with must have at least 3 years of experience to be considered experienced. You may also ask the builders about the previous projects they have worked on and see their work, or if possible may even visit the pools, they have built and inspect them in terms of quality and design. 


You may also ask the builder you are considering working with if they offer any insurance for the work done. Insurance makes the customer feel confident about the quality of the work done. 


Last but not least is the pricing. You must do thorough market research and ask different builders for quotes and make a comparison with the builder you are considering working with to make sure that the rate he or she is charging is reasonable and in accordance to the market rate.

So these are some of the factors that you must consider when selecting an Atlanta pool builder to ensure you make the right choice. We at Sandals Luxury Pools help create your dream pools a reality. We use high-quality construction materials and ensure that your pool gets ready on time. If you’d like to get a quote from us, you may contact us or visit our website for more information.