Steps Followed By Atlanta Pool Builders While Building a Pool

Concrete swimming pools should be designed in such a way that their function and form correspond to your property and lifestyle. If you are thinking of having a pool in your Atlanta house, hiring professional Atlanta pool builders is better. Because professionals know the techniques and skills required to build a reasonable pool within an affordable range, it is important to do detailed research before selecting any pool-building company because you are paying quite an amount. 

Check the inclusions from the builder and the quality of his work. Material, trades, and equipment all play an important role in providing an enjoyable experience. We aim to build a pool with function and form that goes with your lifestyle, property, and budget. We recommend you start a conversation with the pool builders earlier in the year so that enough time is left to polish your designs without any pressure. We recommend the autumn-winter seasons to be ideal for starting your pool thinking. 

Steps Of Pool Building Followed By Atlanta Pool Builders 

Educating yourself as much as possible is important because it will become easy for you to discuss your ideas with the pool companies in Atlanta. You will also be able to understand the process and potential limitations. Different builders will provide further advice, but the common concerns are budget, access, lifestyle, and property requirements. Sandal Luxury Pools have a professional team who knows how to manage all issues so that you can be carefree. Following are the steps we follow while constructing your pool: 


After the contract signing, we usually take two weeks to organize the paperwork. Our engineer will draw a detailed plan and drawings, including details of levels, datum points, and steel, concrete, and hydraulic techniques. Once this is done, we lodge them with the local Council for approval. In the meantime, we will install your watertight completion insurance. All the process is carried out with great concern so that you do not face any trouble in the future. 


After the approval of the local Council, we will start the excavation step. The excavator and trucks will arrive at your location and start excavating. Though you do not need to stay on-site, taking a day off and seeing all the processes through your own eyes is still advised. Most probably, we will deliver the steel load on the same day. 

Steel fixing 

After the excavation, our steel fixers will come to do the steel fixing. They will make a criss cross cage of steel on the whole interior surface of the pool so that the concrete can be sprayed. Then our plumber will do the pre-plumbing of the pool’s interior. 


It is important to lay down a 175mm thick layer of concrete with the help of a 25 MPA gun on the walls. It is then shaped accordingly. Then it is advised to spray the concrete with water twice a day for two weeks to absorb the moisture. We try our level best to satisfy you as your contentment is our utmost priority. 

External plumbing 

Now it is up to you where you want to install your pump and filter. Our plumber will do all the pool installation in Atlanta and run all lines from the pool. Lines include return lines, suction lines, splines, and many more. The pump, filter, and self-cleaning chlorinator will be installed on a 600mm x 900mm concrete slab. 

Coping and Landscaping

At this point, all the rocks, tiles, and paving will be delivered and laid. Our professionals will install expansion joints to allow the movement of concrete. 

Fence Inspection and Pebble Installation 

At this point, our private certifier will inspect your fence. After the inspection, we will install all the pebbles and other water bodies.


We spread smiles by fulfilling your dreams, contact our experts, and they will be more than happy to guide you. It is better to request an online court to adjust your budget accordingly. We listen to all your needs and demands and develop the perfect solution for your application. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How often does a pool need to be maintained?

To enjoy safe and sound swimming, you must keep your pool clean throughout the year. Whether it is pool season or not, your pool should be clean and safe to swim. It can be obtained with regular maintenance and cleaning. You can either do it yourself or hire a maintenance team from Atlanta pool builders to get the work done more professionally. 

Are pools difficult to maintain?

Although a pool is impressive, it is also very difficult to maintain because it needs great care and attention throughout the year. You can either use some DIY pool care tips or hire a professional pool cleaning service, depending on your application requirement and other factors. 

What keeps pools clean?

Chlorine is extensively used to deal with bacteria and germs in pool water. Therefore, it is important to watch the chlorine levels of the pool. The pH level, determined by the chemicals in the pool, also plays an important role in keeping the water clean.