What Are The Different Types of Fire Features That Can be Added to Luxury Pools?

Luxury pools are meant to be over the top and loaded with features. However, it is vital to add tasteful and practical features to a luxury pool to maintain its usefulness. After all, a luxury pool is still meant to fulfill the entertainment needs of your family and friends. At Sandals Luxury Pools, we often recommend fire features to homeowners who are looking for ways to make their pool useful all year round. While a fire pit might not warm up your pool enough to swim in winter, it does offer a cozy place for you and your family to sit around and enjoy the view of your pool without feeling cold. Not to mention the combination of fire and water is always breathtaking. However, many homeowners who want to add fire features to their pools aren’t sure what different fire features are there. So to help such homeowners, we have created this great article, and we hope it helps.

Atlanta pool builders can build the following fire features for your pool

Reputed Atlanta pool builders such as us specialize in building fire pits and other similar fire features. We can make the following types of fire features for your luxury pool:

Fire and water combination: One of the most breathtaking fire features you can add to your luxury pool is the fire and water combination. This fire feature involves building a bowl or square-shaped container beside your swimming pool, and a small fireplace is built right in the middle of this small water pond. The combination of a fireplace surrounded by water gives the illusion that the fire is burning in water, and it is sure to impress your guests.

Fire table: If you want the fire feature to be more accessible to provide warmth to the people sitting around it, then a fire table is an ideal solution for you. This fire feature is added to luxury pools and spas in the form of a specially designed table. A fire pit is made in the middle of the fire table, and you can set chairs around the fire table and enjoy the warmth of your fire feature while enjoying the outdoor space. Fire tables are ideally built with gas or electricity-powered fire pits. Since wood-burning is a lot more messy, fire tables are rarely designed to burn wood directly to generate heat.

 An outdoor fireplace: If you want to turn up the heat during winters, you should get an outdoor fireplace built. These fire features burn actual wood and is preferred by homeowners who want to get a decent amount of heat. Outdoor fireplaces come with a chimney and are very similar to indoor fireplaces. However, since they involve burning actual wood, they can be difficult and often risky to use. So it is best to go with a gas-controlled fire feature such as a fire table or a fire water combination instead.

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