Tips to Find the Best Atlanta Pool Builders

A well-maintained, sparkling pool provides endless summer fun and exercise or seasonal enjoyment if you live in a tropical climate. Whether you have a collection already or hire professional Atlanta pool builders, it does not matter. All you need is a clean, well-maintained pool that is more than just making your pool look good. It should be built so that it can be cleaned easily. It is because regular cleaning keeps your pool algae-free and stops the growth of harmful bacteria. 

Regular cleaning also protects your expensive filters, pumps, pool heaters, and other machinery by preventing the blockage caused by dust or any other particle. The pool whose components are cleaned regularly lasts longer than a neglected one. Regular Pool cleaning also helps in early recognition of major problems in the pool and its components, thus saving you from a huge loss. You can get the issue resolved before it becomes big enough to cause irreparable damage, causing loss of money and time. 

Tips for Choosing the Best Atlanta Pool Builders

Building a pool is a one-time investment, and therefore you should consider the best pool companies in Atlanta for building a pool that satisfies your needs and demands. Discuss the customization requirements in detail and coordinate with the pool builders to tell them about the specific design and material you want for your pool. They also help you choose the right material because they have years of experience in this field and are well aware of various qualities and their prices. 

Following are some tips to keep in mind while choosing a company for your pool: 

Ask People Around 

If you are new to a place, ask your colleagues, friends, and neighbors with swimming pools about the best pool building companies in your local area, city, or state. Asking them will be of great help as they have had experience with many pool builders, either good or bad. 

They will recommend the best ones, and as a result, you will be putting your trust and confidence in only the best pool builders already tried and tested by other homeowners. We are one of the most renowned pool builders in Atlanta with many years of experience and hundreds of positive reviews and Testimonials from our previous users. Hire us, and you will never be disappointed, as we are the most reliable and trustworthy company among all Atlanta pool builders. 

Check the Office 

Among the shortlisted pool building companies, check which company has a better office as it shows the company’s stability. It doesn’t matter whether the office is big or small but counts for how long the company is in the market. As it shows the experience and the fact that people trust their work gets them going on. 

When a company has an office, it is easier to approach them and ask about their services. Sandal Luxury Pools will provide you with pool building experts that are highly skilled and experienced. We won’t say anything about our work, but it speaks for itself. 

Proper Licensing and Permits

As we all know that swimming pools are quite expensive along with their machinery. Pool building services are also quite expensive since they are quite tricky and require great expertise. If you are looking for a company for pool installation in Atlanta or the pool building, then go for a certified company with proper permits and licenses. Trusting any local workplace will cause you a loss of money, time, and energy.  


Our goal is to satisfy every client by giving our finest services covered under a 100% warranty. You can check the services we provide on our website. You must go through our official website to look at our services and the types of pool installation and building we offer. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a cocktail pool?

A cocktail pool is slightly bigger than a hot tub but smaller than a regular pool. It is designed so that a portion of the body can submerge underwater. It is not too deep and, therefore, quite convenient to stay in for long hours and easily fits in any location without worrying about taking up too much space. It can be either indoor or outdoor, depending upon your application requirement. 

Which type of pool is best?

The best type of pool is a gunite swimming pool because it is highly durable and easy to turn into any shape you like. It uses a rebar framework where gunite is sprayed on a mixture of sand and concrete. Swimming pools made up of gunite are long-lasting and durable. They require little maintenance and service for many long years. 

What is the most popular pool size?

The most popular size of a swimming pool is a 16 x 32 ‘rectangle. The depth should be 8 feet so that it is neither too deep nor too shallow. Please consult the best pool builders in Atlanta. They would be able to give you the best advice according to your needs and demands.