From Make to Maintenance, get Extended Services of Atlanta Pool Builders 

Building a pool is nothing less daunting than excavating minerals. Making your backyard rightly feasible for a luxury pool, needs sound study of the area and detailed measures for its long life and safety. Atlanta pool builders are the proud constructors of such mega luxury pools all across the state. We are the master ground pool builders who have been turning the backyard areas more like luxury resorts. From construction material to shape of the pool, we provide matchless solutions for adding richness to your home recreation.

Atlanta Pool Builders Dedicated Family

We are a family of hardworking laborers, creative designers and expert engineers. Our work is our passion and we leave no stone unturned to construct better luxury pools every day. Being in Atlanta pools building and service for more than a decade, we have learned how to create functional designs. A luxury pool is about comfort at every step, it’s not just about layout and décor. Atlanta pool builders know how to keep a balance in both to come up with your desired needs. We offer design and solutions for every detail including following:

  • Hardscape, like outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces, accents, stairs and patios
  • Waterfalls, like natural falls, water bowls, bubblers and deck jets
  • Spas, like spillover spas

Our pool construction contracts include details:  

Pool Designing

Our luxury pool project starts with finalizing the design. For it, our design engineers sort personalized solutions after looking into what you exactly want. This consultation mainly includes estimated cost, scheduling the project, project development plan and material use. This design also includes surrounding hardscapes like fire places, stairs, accents and patios. We don’t keep anything hidden and provide you with the best possible solution within your budget.

Pool Construction

Custom swimming pool building requires extensive planning. We start with on-site surveys, troubleshooting and technical support. This inspection team coordinates with the project managers for the right installation spot, excavation process and then delivery of your desired installations. We are one of those leading pool companies in Atlanta which delivers top notch aquatic equipment and filtration systems. Atlanta pools construction service is the end result of years of experience in what luxury pool lovers want and what the best possible solutions are.

Pool Operation

We are one of those pool companies in Atlanta who believes in building long term relations with the customers. Our services don’t end just at the end of the construction, we rather stay with you till its operation and care. We minutely observe working and efficiency of the pool. Our technicians keep a check on recirculation, filtration, acidity level and working of all installed equipment.

Pool Maintenance and Care

Our after sales services cover technical issues, advanced water care, checking on filtration, pool cleaning and ensuring your safety and comfort. Alongside inspections and repair, we also provide service for seasonal opening and closing. 

Benefits of Atlanta Pools Service

  • We make use of every nook and corner by creating stone arrangements all across your lawn. Use of stones, pebbles and rocks covers most of the grassy field and saves you from the care of detailed cleaning.
  • We use unbeatable materials for the arrangement of your pool. Our range includes concrete, rocks, stones and tiles. Not just this, while digging, we keep larger stones for lawn and waterfall arrangements. It gives an all natural look to your luxury pool ambience.
  • We believe in maintaining the organic touch of this home retreat of yours. A luxury pool cannot be a comfort, if it doesn’t bring you close to nature. We give this look by plantation of hedges, placing of granite slides and pea gravel on least terraced areas.
  • The area around the pool needs to be made in materials that promote easy move and go. We focus here on such tile work and masonry that may not end your leisure times up in hazards like slipping and falls. 
  • We use recreational seating arrangements to make the spot more relaxing. For it we go for lounge chairs, picnic tables and lawn lights installations. This farm house arrangement adds wanderer’s aesthetics to your luxury pool area. 

Atlanta pool builders believe in bringing you comfort together with luxury. Our premium pool construction and designing solutions are simply the best, as we provide matchless services from planning to care.