Exotic Swimming Pool Designs an Atlanta Pool Builder Can Offer

Swimming pools can be a luxury and a necessity in these modern times when you need a place for healthy activities at home and enhance your property’s ambiance and value. An Atlanta pool builder, like Sandals Luxury Pools, can provide you with the most exotic, eye-catching, and practical swimming pool in your backyard for whatever reason you want it. You can choose from several designs, like the infinity pool and the one surrounded by botany. This article will highlight and discuss some designs you can get to enjoy the luxury of a pool in your home. We suggest that you read it thoroughly and decide the one you need to build. 

Swimming Pool Designs to Expect from an Atlanta Pool Builder 

Green All-Around 

One of the best swimming pools you can have in Atlanta is surrounded by trees and greenery all around. Since the state of Georgia has pretty fertile soil, so why not surround your pool with all the botany that improves the ambiance and makes your backyard more organic. To make the environment more natural, the pool companies in Atlanta will add a stone pavement that connects the building to the pool. Also, a rusty stone bench installed on the side will add some artistic touch to the whole design. 


It is another extraordinary design for a swimming pool that you can build on your backyard patio. If you have a bigger property with a breathtaking landscape behind the main building, you have the leverage to build a tank that looks like an infinity pool but isn’t one. It has a three-sided design with one side without any edge, giving it an infinity-like finish. That part of the pool will be facing the exotic landscaping having lush-green lawns and a track for a walk or cycling. 

Match Your House 

It is indeed true that you’re building a pool to improve the ambiance of your house. So, one of the best ways to keep the continuity is by building one that matches your home’s design. That brings consistency, and the pond will merge perfectly with your property, significantly increasing its value. The pool builders will add tiles that match the house’s exterior, and the edges will have a design identical to the ones your walls or pillars have. That makes everything work together to create continuity, consistency, and flow around the whole property. 

Indoor Decor

Indoor swimming pools create a whole new experience for you and your property. A significant reason these can be one of the best designs is that these tanks can be used throughout the year, with warm water running through them during winters. You can ask your Atlanta pool builder to add ambient lighting inside and outside the pool to create a scenic environment in the room you’ve built it. Match the decor of this hall with the hallway leading to it to keep the continuity of the architecture intact. 

These are a few swimming pool designs that you can get from some of the top pool builders around town. If you have any queries about these or seek to build a great pool in your home, contact professional builders like Sandals Luxury Pools to get what you look for.