Why is it Essential to Add Stairs to Luxury Pools?

Whether you are building a brand new luxury pool or renovating the old one adding stairs to luxury pools is always a good idea. At Sandals Luxury Pools, whenever a customer comes to us for building their luxury pool, we always recommend adding stairs instead of a ladder for getting in and out of the pool. While a ladder may be one of the most common ways to get in and out of the pools, they are not the most convenient for children, older people, and people recovering from an injury or who have mobility issues. However, the ease of use is just one reason why stairs are essential for luxury pools, and in this article, we will explain the importance of having stairs for your luxury pool, so read on.

Atlanta Pool Builders Recommend Stairs Because They Make a Pool Safer to Use

Apart from making the pool easy to access and get out of stairs also create a pool safer to use. This is why the top Atlanta pool builders, including us at Sandals Luxury Pools, recommend adding stairs to the pool. Wide stairs eliminate the risk of slipping while getting in and out of the pool, and we can also install railings along the pool steps to make the pool even safer for you and your children. Older adults and those with mobility issues can also use their pool safely, thanks to stairs.

Pool Stairs Look Good When Built Properly

Pool stairs can be made to complement the pool’s overall design, and we often build stairs in colors and designs that match the aesthetic of the pool. The key is to choose a pool building company specializing in designing and building pool stairs, such as us, to make sure that the stairs add to the overall look of your luxury pools and spas.

Stairs Make the Pool Easy to Maintain

Since pool stairs don’t have any corners, hidden edges, and empty spaces where algae can grow, they are a great way to keep the pool clean. Different algae-resistant materials can be used to make the pool stairs, so you can rest assured that your pool stairs are always clean and they don’t become slippery from algae growth.

You can Customize Pool Stairs to Fit your Needs

There are various pool stair materials such as steel, vinyl, fiberglass, thermoplastic, and others that you can use to give your pool a custom look. There are different orientations and locations in the pool where you can get the stairs installed to make the pool look and feel like you want. The stairs themselves can be built into any design and shape as far as customization is concerned; the stairs allow you to get creative with your pool design.

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