Concrete Pool Vs Fiberglass Pool by Atlanta Pool Builder

A swimming pool adds great value to your home and makes it a living heaven. After deciding to install a new pool in your backyard to turn it into an oasis, the first important choice is whether to go with a fiberglass or concrete pool. You must be aware of each option’s benefits and drawbacks to make a well-informed choice.

You must choose the Atlanta pool builder for your pool so that they can give you the right advice. At Sandal Luxury Pool, We have many years of experience in this field and therefore, we make sure that we meet each of your requirements correctly.

Comparison of Concrete and Fiberglass Pool by Atlanta Pool Builder

A Concrete Pool Overview 

Concrete pools are completely scalable to meet your precise needs. The size, form, and interior features of the pool are completely up to you. All of that flexibility, though, does come at a rather high cost. 

Depending on the final appearance you want, concrete swimming pools can have their entire surface covered in a variety of materials. The most common finish is plaster since it looks fantastic and has a good grip, but it’s also rougher underfoot and less long-lasting. Mosaic tiles and pebble concrete are additional interior finishings. 

A well-built concrete pool should last for decades with proper maintenance because concrete is a durable and long-lasting material. If not built by an expert Atlanta pool builder, you might need higher maintenance. 

Continuous upkeep is necessary to keep concrete pools clean, including frequent, abrasive cleaning. Additionally, they use more electricity than fiberglass pools do. A robotic pool cleaner must be used every day to vacuum the bottom of a well-maintained concrete pool, and the filter must operate for ten hours each day. 

A concrete pool should also have its surface redone every seven years and its water removed once every ten years for an acid cleaning. 

You can still enjoy the appearance of a concrete swimming pool even though it is the most expensive and requires the most upkeep. 

Concrete Pool Construction 

On-site construction of concrete pools begins from scratch. Pool companies in Atlanta build it using a framework made of metal rebar after a hole has been dug to fit the design of the pool. 

Approximately 28 days are given for the concrete to harden once it has been sprayed on. The final finishing coat of tiles or plaster is put in, which is again allowed to cure, once the concrete has completely hardened. A concrete pool might take anywhere between three and six months to install, but a fiberglass pool can be used within a few days of installation. 

Fiberglass Pool 

A fiberglass pool often costs less than a concrete pool since it is simultaneously built to be durable and economically priced. Fiberglass pools, which are renowned for their toughness, are made up of several incredibly tough layers of the material, and they’re completed with a UV-resistant gel coating. They have a smooth inside surface and are available in many different pool sizes.

Pools made with fiberglass require little upkeep. Algae and mold growth are negligible because of their interior non-porous gel covering. You’ll spend less time testing the water, which lowers the expense of pool chemicals and reduces the labor-intensiveness of cleaning. In conclusion, fiberglass swimming pools can help you save time, money, and effort. 

Fiberglass Pool Installation 

Swimming pools made of fiberglass are quick and incredibly simple to install. The pool shell is lowered into the ground once the hole has been dug and the plumbing connections have been installed because fiberglass pools are manufactured. The majority of fiberglass pools may be constructed, leveled, backfilled, and swimmable in as little as a few days to a week, even if every fiberglass pool build is different.

Your pool installation Atlanta will come to your house to meet with you to start the pool-building process. You will decide on a design and create a plan together. Excavation can start once your pool builder has secured the relevant licenses. 

Once the hole is ready, a truck is used to load and transport the prefabricated pool shell to the desired location. The structural beam is then installed by your pool builder to secure everything in place after the pool shell has been dropped into the hole by a crane.

Your pool is ready to use once the filtration, heating, and lighting systems are connected, and your pool builder has checked everything.

To Wrap it Up! 

At Sandal Luxury Pools, we have succeeded to maintain a great reputation due to our constant hard work. We make sure that we meet all of your expectations and come up with the most appropriate pull according to your application. They believe in the expertise of our professional workers, and the quality of our materials, which makes us one of the best Atlanta pool builders.