What Are Some Common Myths About Luxury Pools And The Truth Behind Them?

A luxury pool is a sound investment, especially if you want to increase the value of your home while providing your family and yourself with hours of fun. For most homeowners owning a swimming pool is a dream, and often some bizarre myths might be keeping them from realizing their dream. At Sandals Luxury Pools, we often have to deal with customers who have heard fallacies about luxury pools and want to know the facts. We have been debunking such misconceptions for our customers in Atlanta for years. However, we feel like it is time to bust these once and for all. So to debunk typical luxury pool-related myths, we have created this helpful article, and we suggest you keep reading this article until the end.

Common Luxury Pools Related Myths Debunked by Top Atlanta Pool Builders

Just like any other industry, the luxury pool industry is no stranger to myths and misconceptions. These rumors may stem from misinformation or simply as a way to downplay the luxury pool industry. As one of the top Atlanta pool builders, we take these misconceptions head-on and debunk them regularly. And without further ado, here are some common luxury pool myths and the truth behind them:

Luxury pools are hard to clean: One of the most common luxury pool-related myths you might have heard is that luxury pools are difficult to maintain. This misconception probably stems from the complex features and designs of luxury pools. However, the truth is that luxury pools are fitted with powerful filtration systems and automatic cleaning mechanisms. So as long as you are getting your luxury pool’s filtration and cleaning mechanism maintained regularly, you can rest assured that your pool’s water will remain sparkly clean all year round. So the myth about luxury backyard pools being hard to maintain is nothing but a myth.

Luxury pools make a home hard to sell: Another common myth is that they make a property hard to sell. However, the truth is that a luxury pool is a unique feature built as per your home’s design and aesthetic. Not to mention a luxury pool adds to the aesthetic appeal of a home. So as long as you get your luxury pool built by our expert pool building team, you can rest assured that your home will only increase in value after building a swimming pool.

Pools can only be used in summers: Most people think that it is not worth investing in a luxury pool because they will only be using it for a few months a year. However, the truth is that by building a luxury pool with a built-in heater, you can easily use it for most of the year except for the months when it is freezing outside. So the myth that luxury pools are only for a few short summer months is a complete lie.

Pools are bad for the backyard: One myth we have heard the most from homeowners is that a pool can cause soil erosion and other issues in the yard. However, as long as you get your pool installed by a reputed swimming pool builder, they will seal off it off perfectly to keep your backyard looking fantastic.

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