Budget Friendly Pool Options by Atlanta Pool Builders

You do not build a pool every other day, so you must conduct proper research before building one. Taking help from a reliable and well-reputed Atlanta pool builder can save you a lot of time and money. Although inground pools are more trending these days, they seem to be a little expensive since they are highly reliable and sustainable for a longer period. However, you can always find a way to make a Budget-friendly pool according to your needs and requirements. Also, you get a lot of variety and severity in inground pools, so you have a broader spectrum of choices.

In this article, we will discuss budget-friendly pools that you can get built according to your budget. At Sandal Pool Builders, we have highly cooperative staff that help you select the best type of pool for your application. We have an extensive team of highly skilled builders, designers, and other workers who work in close coordination and complete the project with a minimum turnaround time. 

3 Budget Friendly Pool Options by Atlanta Pool Builders 

Vinyl Pools

Vinyl-lined pools are one of the most affordable choices among all other options. The installation cost lies in the range of $35,000-$65,000. Also, you can customize it according to your shape preference and get many different types of designs in it. However, it is not as versatile as other options like concrete pools.

 As they are affordable, their reliability is also limited, and it needs replacement after 4 to 7 years. The replacement procedure requires at least $4000-$5000.

It is a high-maintenance pool and requires a strict maintenance routine to avoid algae growth.

Fiberglass Pools

A fiberglass pool has a low lifetime cost and a low initial cost. It is slightly more expensive than a vinyl liner pool but much more affordable than a concrete pool. It costs around $45,000-$85,000, but the price also depends upon the design and pool size. You can always consider talking to a pool company in Atlanta to give you the best deals on fiberglass pools.

However, the more complicated the pool’s design, the greater the cost of building it will be. The biggest advantage of having a fiberglass pool is that it has a gel coating, which prevents algae growth. 

Concrete Pools

You should go for a concrete pool if you want higher longevity and versatility. We have years of experience in this field, and therefore we give you the best advice on the choice of pool you should get. Although it has a little higher maintenance cost, it is worth it. The price range for a concrete pool is between $50,000-$100,000, depending on the size and design. 

They have an extensive lifespan but need some maintenance every six months and one year. We have professional workers that can take care of pool installation in Atlanta and cover all other maintenance services. 

Build Budget-Friendly Pools With Atlanta Pool Builders

If you want to build a budget-friendly pool, you should not settle for any Atlanta pool builder you meet for the first time. You should visit different blue companies and compare the rates and charges. Once you have all the quotes from other companies, you can reach out and choose the best one. Also, your pool’s size and design greatly affect the cost. By opting for a simpler design, you can save money and the hassle of high maintenance. 

To Wind it Up! 

Before you choose any pool service, you must do your research. It is better to look at the reviews and testimonials of the users that have taken their services before. This way, you can be sure that you are investing your money in the right place because you cannot build a pool every other day. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it worth the money to put in a pool?

If you are fond of swimming and can afford a pool, it is fair to have a pool of your own. It increases your social worth and adds value to your home. It is a good investment since it requires little maintenance and pays you well for a long time. 

What is a good size swimming pool?

The best size of a swimming pool is 18 ‘ ‘x 36 ‘, ‘and it can be easily shared among 6 to 8 people. It is good for house parties and pool parties hosted at home. It is ideal for casual use, and one can easily take care of this pool without getting too tired. If you want professional services for your pool, you should contact a well-reputed pool builder in Atlanta.

Which pool is the best to build?

The best pool is the gunite swimming pool because it can last for many years and be created in any shape of your liking. It uses a rebar framework layered over a concrete and sand mixture. It is highly durable and lasts many years without needing regular maintenance and replacement.