Adding bubblers to your pool or spa is great way to add design and oxygen to your pool. The flow of air creates bubbles that can benefit your pool water. Not only for the visual effects but has a scientific benefit on the chemistry of your pool water. The constant churning of water keeps your water from becoming stagnant and defends against algae and standing bacteria. This also adds oxygen back into the water creating a fresh environment.

   Another benefit of having  bubblers is that by churning and recycling the water on a hot day, they will help keep the water cool. This also works to distribute the heated water for heated pools in the fall or early spring. The temperature is distributed evenly throughout the water and creates a movement or jet stream pushing it into other parts of the pool.

  Along with the subtle sound of white noise that bubblers make, the visual aspect is also an attractive feature. Most bubblers are now being fitted with LED lights that can be whatever color you like. Add more fun by setting them to change and rotate colors through the whole spectrum. This will add color and sizzle to your backyard experience.