Atlanta Pool Builders Steps for Seasonal Opening of Luxury Pools

Seasonal opening and cleaning of a luxury pool is not everyone’s cup of tea. People often take it as some domestic job and eventually approach some hire services for it. Why? Because it involves technicalities and strategic uncovering, cleaning and refilling. Atlanta pool builders seasonal opening makes you feel free from the hassles of restoring your luxury pool back to elegance and style.

Atlanta Pool Builders Detailed Opening Services

Seasonal pool opening is not just about uncovering and filling the tank again, the whole area around the pool needs cleaning. The debris lying on the pool deck, on pavers around the pool, on patios and plant beds for around 7 months is not easy to pick and remove. It eventually makes its way inside of the tank. Atlanta pool builders know the in-depths of pool cleaning and this is why our service starts from outside the pool area. Our job is to restore your pool back to sparkling new and this is how we do that:

Cleaning and Removing of Pool Cover

The pool cover gets the thick debris of foliage and murky water. For drying the water, a cover pump is used and then the debris is removed. If the cover has just dry debris then its cleaning becomes far easier. After that the cover is washed, dried and then packed. Solid winter covers are fan-folded into 3-5 feet long folds. For mesh covers, the springs are removed and then the cover is fan-folded.

Unplugging Antifreeze Plugs

Antifreeze plugs are installed to prevent the pipes from freezing and cracking. For making the pipes functional these plugs are removed and then all plumbing work and the flow of water in the pipes is checked.

Checking the functionality of Installations

During closing times, certain parts of the pool plumbing work get rusty or broken. Our pool installation Atlanta team closely examines all pumps, filters, heaters and joints for ensuring the perfect working of water filtering and flow. 

Reinstalling Ladders and Handrails

All the ladders and handrails are uninstalled during closing season. They are cleaned and reinstalled with the same perfection without making any loss to their initial finish. 

Checking Inside Pool

 While closing light fittings are uninstalled to keep them safe from freezing and cracking. These lights are cleaned, reconnected and fitted back in their housings. The sticky calcium deposits and stains inside the pool are scrubbed and cleaned. Then our custom pool installation Atlanta team minutely checks the tank regarding cracks and required repairs. 

Reinstalling Inside the Tank

Inside pool fittings need to be checked and installed. These are user equipment, like hand-grabs, safety rails, slides, ladders and jumping boards. Atlanta pool team masterly reinstalls these pool essentials and then gives them fine finishes. Metal bolts and other fasteners are sprayed and lubricated. This is how we give an all new look to your pool interior.

Pumping up the Pool

After all reinstallations and repair work, the pump is checked. It’s always a good idea to check the parts of the pump like drainage plugs, valves and pressure gauges. Our team does it and makes all necessary replacements. This way we make you pump intact and back to working.

Inside Tank Washing

After all necessary work, the pool is filled with water till desired level. The resting leaves, twigs and foliage are cleaned. With the help of algae brush, we remove algae remains and the walls are scrubbed for removing any hard algae deposits. After every sort of cleaning and washing, the pool is dried using pool vacuums.  

Switch on the Power 

This is done for testing the circulation system. The water circulation lets us know any sort of leakage, cracks and split hoses. On finding any type of damage, the power is turned off and the needed repair is done. For Atlanta pools ensuring the reliability of these inside tank equipment is really crucial. Once the pool starts functioning, these things often get overlooked.

Refilling the Tank

Finally, we let the filter run for 12-24 hours for mixing the old and new water and then required chemicals are added. Before adding, we ensure the expiries of all testing stripes and replace those which expire. Our pool testing key mainly checks on PH level, pool alkalinity, and chlorine content and calcium hardiness.

We are one of the top notch pool companies in Atlanta, who leaves behind no insecurity and imperfection. We take care of both, your comfort and luxury.  In the end we add oxidizer for destroying all fuzzy algae and microorganisms and this is the time when you can get, set, go and jump!