Planning your hardscape area in your backyard is basically taking different forms and functions of areas and making them work together. There has to be a way to tie them together and continue the flow and natural cohabitation of these core areas of your leisure area. Accents and transitional pieces play a big part of the grand scheme of your hardscape. The accents are just as important to making the whole project happen.

Accent pieces can be many different things. Accent stone work around anything that isn’t stone work already can tie the areas together. Take for instance, you have a roof over the patio and the roofing is wood but the patio floor is stone. Creating a stone accent piece or box around the wooden support beams can make the consistency of the natural stone work resonate throughout the entire build.

Some accent pieces can be designed to hold flowers or planters that can be equipped with irrigation to add color among your stonework. Some accent pieces can house or enclose lighting options for you to enjoy your pool or patio after dark. There are so many ways accent pieces can change your hardscaped leisure area.