5 Amazing Benefits of Outdoor Kitchens by Atlanta Pool Builders

Bringing the indoors out is a trend that has been widely spreading all around the world, and the outdoor kitchen is one of them. Doing this is more than just improving the aesthetics. It is about creating a unique experience of cooking and entertainment. The possibilities with our Atlanta pool builders are endless – from adding the kitchen islands to designing them in different styles, you can have them customized based on your requirements.

If you want to make your house’s patio or backyard area luxurious, then the outdoor kitchen is one feature you must consider exploring. Among making your pool area deluxe, it also has several other benefits. 

Below is the list to name a few of those perks:

Outdoor Kitchen by Atlanta Pool Builders Means More Family Fun

Choosing one of the kitchen designs adjacent to your swimming pool allows the chef to interact with their family and friends while cooking, all in one place. Having a kitchen around the pool enables the host to enjoy the event/party rather than spending all their time preparing the meal. It will help create a great experience full of fun, swimming, and dining.

More Living Room Area

Do you have a congested space inside the house? Does it restrict you from throwing amazing parties? Don’t worry anymore! You can call us to design a functional and alluring outside kitchen. If you are hosting an event for your guests, it gives them more room to move around and enjoy the gathering.

Whenever you combine your patio area and swimming pool with the kitchen, it encourages a group activity. So rather than one person doing all the tasks, it is divided among different people.

Our Atlanta Pools Combined with Outdoor Kitchens Improves Home Value

The experts at Sandals Luxury Pools strive to increase the home value for the customers with the flawless build of the outdoor kitchen along with the pool. 

The houses with the pool and kitchen on the patio have more return on the investment in comparison to the properties without these facilities. Furthermore, these kitchens usually include appliances made with stainless steel, which is known to withstand tough weather conditions and its long-lasting quality. Also, they are easy to clean and maintain compared to other appliances. 

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Saves You Energy and Money

Believe it or not, an outdoor kitchen is not only about adding aesthetic appeal or creating more space; it can also help in saving energy. 

When you are cooking indoors, the air conditioner quickly goes into overdrive once it observes temperature changes. However, you can save this cost with an outdoor kitchen. 

Makes Cooking More Convenient 

Another benefit of having a kitchen beside the pool is it makes cooking more fun and easier. There will no longer be any smoke inside the house when you cook outdoors. Also, it will reduce the risk of odors lingering indoors. 

More so, with an outdoor kitchen, our Atlanta pool builders provide more room so people can help with the cooking process. 

With that being said, more kitchen space offers a better entertainment experience for the host and the guest. 

Our pool installation in Atlanta involves different other services to improve the overall aesthetic of the pool and one of the most widely used outdoor kitchens. This deluxe option makes your house a unique one out of every other house in the neighborhood. 

Are You Ready to Make Your Landscape Dream A Reality?

For several years, Sandal Luxury Pools have served different homeowners in Atlanta and provided them with functional and uniquely designed swimming pools. Not only that, but we also offer options to enhance the beauty of the outdoor area, with different amazing options like outdoor kitchens, fountains, waterslides, and many more. 

For more information about the outdoor kitchens, move on to our section, where our Atlanta pool builders answer homeowners’ most common questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should the outdoor kitchen be near a pool?

Having a kitchen close to the pool gives an ideal opportunity for the host to socialize with the guests while preparing the food for the event. People will be more encouraged to interact with each other when they can enjoy food sitting around by the pool.

  • How do you weatherproof an outdoor kitchen?

The best way to weatherproof the kitchen around the pool is to use a canopy or a cover above it. The kitchen walls should be formed so that it is very well protected from the strong winds and harmful sunlight. Another thing you can do is to use stainless steel appliances, as they are capable of withstanding strong weather conditions and are easy to maintain.

  • How much room should you have around a pool?

Generally, we would recommend maximizing the space by making a deck approximately 50% of the total pool’s surface area long. Then, you can design a kitchen or sitting area according to your preference.