Add fun and excitement for the whole family by adding a custom water feature, such as a waterslide to your pool. There are many different types of waterslides that can be fitted in or fitted around your pool design. Depending on your space there are a few different ways to nestle this awesome exciting feature to your pool.

Stand alone waterslides are probably the easiest to install and that is it’s biggest advantage. This style of waterslide is easily added to any pre-existing pool. Connecting to the local water source and pointing the slide to the deepest end of the pool is usually how this is installed. These come in many different shapes with straight slides to curved ones with the water added for lubrication.

Built in waterslides are generally added to the original design plan and can have concrete poured to hold the slide in place. Many of these waterslides can be nestled between plant features or waterfalls–its up to you!

Nothing will keep your kids more entertained than a waterslide on a hot summer afternoon pool party. This feature will not only add fun and excitement it will definitely hold its value and is an amazing selling point on any property in the future. Save money on water parks and give the kids a personalized water playground of their own–right in their backyard!

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