Choosing to add a water bowl to your pool is a wise investment that will add joy and color to your backyard pool or water feature. There is many different styles of materials these bowls can be made from. From a traditional concrete style to metal ones with multiple finishes, there is unlimited options for designing and adding a water bowl to your pool. These water features can be designed at the original install or added to an already existing pool, it’s up to you.

Water bowls come in many different shapes and sizes. It’s functionality can be decided by you, weather you want to have just water in the bowl, a plant feature or a fire feature. All of these can be available to your choosing. For example, having a planter in your water bowl is a great way to add color and environmental integration of your outdoor oasis. The idea of creating a natural jungle-esque feeling can be greatly improved with the addition of plants and greenery around your pool area. The water bowl is perfect for this and also allows for a direct water source allowing these plants to stay hydrated and thrive in even the hottest of summers.

Some water bowls are even equipped with some sort of lighting feature that can also add accent to your pool area. For example some water bowls are fitted with an illuminated pedestal to allow for low incandescent lighting adding safety to the pool area. There are so many way to design and add a water bowl to your recreational pool area.

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