Tips for Picking the Right Contractor for Your Pool Project – Our Guide

As the temperatures continue to rise, especially during the summertime, inground swimming pools in Georgia are becoming a common must-have for homeowners with lots of garden space. If you’re thinking about cooling off in your own custom-made pool, here are the steps you want to consider for picking the right pool builders in Atlanta.

Tip #1 – Do research online

Nowadays, everything is online, including information about the contractors in your area. Take a look at their websites and consider their previous projects. More importantly, keep an eye out for whether they offer the specific features you’re looking for. Then, create a shortlist of your top 3 contractors and make an appointment.

Tip #2 – Ask about their references

A good contractor will be able to provide you with a portfolio of their completed projects. Better yet, they’ll also give you a list of references you can contact. Ask about their experience with a certain contractor—did they stick to the building schedule? Were there any problems encountered? If so, how did they approach these issues? Ask your contractor how many pools they’ve successfully built and whether they’ve created any in the style that you prefer.

Tip #3 – Consider the pool sizes they work on

No garden is the same. An experienced contractor should be able to work with the space provided to them, whether they’re installing a pool that is small, medium, or larger-sized. If you’re working with a smaller garden, be wary of contractors who over-promise. If it doesn’t look like an inground pool will work in your space, a contractor should be upfront about it.

Tip #4 – Check their insurance policies

When having a pool built, it’s essential to have insurance in case of any accidents or mishaps. Ask your contractor to provide information on their compensation and liability insurance that can cover any potential legal matters, such as an injury. If a contractor doesn’t offer insurance, you won’t even want to consider them.

Tip #5 – Know your rights

If you’ve reached the contract-signing stage, be sure to read it carefully and take note of whether everything agreed upon is present in writing. Remember, you’re under no obligation to sign a contract immediately. Take your time, or consider getting bids from other rival companies that might better suit your needs.

Tip #6 – Visit their showroom

Most builders will have a showroom. Don’t skip out on paying them a visit. A showroom can give you an inside look at how a contractor’s company functions. You can even speak with other employees to gain insight.

Tip #7 – Take a thorough look at the paperwork

A reliable contractor will provide you with lots of reading material that can answer any potential questions you might have. If you’re still unsure about bits of information, don’t hesitate to ask—contractors should be more than happy to help you and ease any of your worries.


Once you’re comfortable with your choice of a contractor, be sure to give your contract a thorough look-through before signing. Your contract should specify every detail, such as where the pool will be located, its dimensions and shape, the materials being used, special features, and other important information.

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