A sheer descent waterfall creates a thin sheet of water, usually made to arc into a larger water source. The size and width of this sheet can be made to fit your pool perfectly. This feature can be made to spill over in a “see through” sheet of water that is clear as glass or can be intensified to a larger amount that can mimic a gushing river style. Either styles are guaranteed to bring an new level of peace and relaxation to your pool or water feature.

The sheer descent style of waterfall can be can be set up in lengths of 8 inches to 8 feet. It’s up to you. The width can be made to match the exact size and shape of the pool you want to accentuate. You can also pick the distance of the lip of the waterfall–from an immediate drop, to any length of lip to protrude and create a drop off or specific curvature of your choice.

      Another added benefit of the sheer waterfall is the oxygenation that is put back into the water as the waterfall churns the water constantly keeping it from being stagnant and returning oxygen back into the water.

These sheer descents can be set on a flow control that can take your silent glass like waterfall up to a rushing gusher of a mountain river type waterfall. This type of waterfall can bring a tranquility and relaxation to your in ground pool area. These features can bring a natural tropical feel to you recreational area and create a feeling of your own backyard oasis.