The literal base of all hardscapes the patio is generally ground zero for what you want your leisure area to be centered around. Generally the flattest part of the entire space, this is where you are planning for your people to congregate. From a place to just lay out some lawn chairs, to a place that holds seating and a full kitchen, no patio is unimportant. Of course you can keep it simple and have a large square area that is modular, but there are plenty of other ways to create the perfect patio.

Generally the patio is one large square pad, but why not split it up into smaller patios on different levels. With the addition of retaining walls and accent stone work, you can create a multi level patio with multiple functions. Suppose one is up closer to the pool but then hooks to a second one that is closer to a fire pit or kitchen. Connect the two with accent stonework and you can create a unique, one of a kind, personally designed area to have great experiences in.

Patios can be made with different materials as well. There is of course brick, which is a more traditional materiel that creates a hard separation between your greenery and give you the opportunity for unique formative patterns. Some patios are created using a natural stone with natural colors and shapes, giving an organic and earthly feel that blends into the scenery. Some patios are being poured with concrete, generally  for larger areas to get covered. These poured patios slabs can be stamped with patterns and shapes to fit whatever you like.