Hot Tubs Atlanta

Imagine a cold night in December, where else would you rather be than in your new hot tubs Atlanta!

The comfort and relaxation added to your recreational area is unparalleled. Our Atlanta hot tubs are commonly connected to your luxury inground pool build and create a great opportunity for a waterfall and outdoor kitchen.

Sandals Atlanta hot tubs can generally seat 6-9 people but can always be made larger for big audiences.  Most of our spas range from 6-10 feet inside diameter and are raised between 18-24 inches above the pool height. Did we mentioned already that they’re always heated to the perfect temperature and come with their own personal butler?

Spas provide a place to relax out of the your main luxury pool and can be enhanced with incredible features such as custom patios and water-slides. Check out these spas from other projects to see if you might want to add one to your swimming pool. We’re as excited as you are!

Spas can add a deep relaxation element to any pool area. This gives a entirely different functionality to your pool area. This creates a space that’s more relaxed and geared to a smaller number of people having a more intimate experience versus your average pool party.

There are also health benefits from using the spa. Relief of some arthritis and joint discomfort can be reduced through the use of the hot tub. Cardiovascular health can also be addressed by giving you some of the same health benefits as exercise with less damage to the heart. Stress relief being the number one health benefit of having a hot tub. It has also been found to help people get better sleep.

Also hot tubs and spas can aid to the relief of headaches. The heat applied will open up blood vessels and relieve tension or pressure retained in the head. Carpal tunnel, bone aches and tinnitus can also be relieve as floating takes the pressure of gravity off of the body, especially the spine. With continued application of this to your body you will begin to see health changes over time that will help you enjoy you over all quality of life.

Spas can have other health benefits besides just creating a place  for relaxation. Known to invigorate the skin hot tubs can increases blood flow delivering more oxygen to the skin leaving you with a revived healthy glow.

A Sandals Spa adds a beautiful accent to your custom in-ground pool build. With dozens of variations in style and shape, you’ll be sure to find one that works just for you. Our custom hardscapes and landscaping accent your spa for added elegance and luxury, turning your backyard into a resort!