Great ways to expand your backyard oasis is by adding a firepit. A firepit can add value to your property and hours of enjoyment. These are relatively easy to install at either the planning and design phase of your hardscape, or adding to an already existing backyard feature. There many different materials you can choose from, spanning from brick to concrete or  stone for your firepit. Some can be formed in concrete and have a flat stone fascia added in any color stone to match its surroundings. Depth and width are a factor you can choose and the shape can be round, square our whatever custom shape you need to make it fit into your specific space.


Another accompaniment to your fire pit is built in seating. Benches serve as the best bet to withstanding the elements over time. These also can be made from multiple selections of materials and to complement the shape of your firepit, can be curved or straight. Creativity can make these the center of your hardscape leisure area.

Installing a fire pit near your pool is a great way to get warmed up after a brisk swim, and if the pool is heated you will easily get months of extra usage of your backyard entertainment area.