North Atlanta Hardscapes

Want to know a bit more about North Atlanta hardscapes that we do? Building a custom swimming pool requires tons of planning and not just for the swimming pool itself, but also the hardscapes that surround it such as fire places, retaining walls, and patio areas for hanging out with guests.

Check out this job we did for one of our North Atlanta hardscapes customers!

Tiles, stone, pavers, rock and concrete are just some of the different materials you can select from to make your pool area unique to you and your tastes. The durability of these materials will almost outlive the life of the house itself. The value added to your property will be immense.

Often projects need a little something extra and hardscapes can be that little something. Areas left to open or patios to large without something to break them up can often be overwhelming and make the project look like a parking lot instead of a swimming pool. Sandals will pay attention to detail to be sure you get the atmosphere you are looking for from your project.

Regardless of your interest, Sandals can create a masterpiece with custom stonework!

Sandals will help you create high impact hardscapes for low cost, plan for any future hardscape additions you may add as your budget allows, and save you money in the process.

Adding North atlanta hardscaping to your landscaping design will give you more usable living space around your pool. Decks can be made from the same stone or masonry used to create your pool. Fire places with stone seating are also a way you can hardscape and get more usage your lawn area. Water features are easy as well because of water access already in place for the pool. Hardscaping could also be the usage of stone, rocks or pebbles to fill in areas to create texture and ends the hassle of needing lawn care for a certain area. Pergolas and arbors can be built to nurture greenery in specific places and provide shady spots in the summer sun.

A nifty trick of coming up with a beautiful, natural-looking hardscape is actually using what’s already in your backyard! When we’re digging up the tons of rocks, sometimes we can wash and use the large stones in order to make a unique design around your custom Atlanta luxury pool.

The usage of different stones, river rocks, pea gravel or granite chunks can fill in small spaces of unused area between the house and pool area or any other areas between. Hardscaping can also be functionally built in by being used as a retaining wall. This – coupled with proper drainage can create an amazing natural area close to your pool edge.

There are many ways you can design stone or masonry to fit the exact size around your pool and make the area more functional. In pool stone benches with cocktail tables can all be laid into shallow areas geared for entertaining and relaxing. In-pool lounge chairs can be installed using matching masonry and even fixed with jets, also in shallow areas of your pool. Small surfaces on a grade that has water from inches deep to about a foot can create a beach like surface, great for small kids and infants. Poolside fireplaces can be made with stone or masonry providing year round use of your pool area and can create a place for guests to gather and stay warm.