5 Reasons Why You Need a Pool at Home – What to Know

Homes with swimming pools hold a lot of charm. It provides for relaxation and fun activities people can enjoy, as well as a quick getaway from the unbearable heat of the summer sun. Swimming pools are regarded as a luxury to some, and a necessity for others. While plenty of people argue that safety risks and upkeep should be taken into account, the endless benefits of swimming pools are more than worth it.

If you’re considering to have one built at your home, here are the top reasons why you should push through:

1 – Have a staycation

The term “staycation” has gained popularity over the last decade, as plenty more people are traveling less and spending more time at home. The factors vary, but many individuals express the need to take care of families, careers, and even prioritizing savings. Regardless of your reason, staying at home can be exciting, especially with a pool around! The more you find enjoyment through staying at home, the more money you’ll be saving—what better way to do that than through a long-term investment? Having a pool around will make you feel like you have a private resort, accessible any time you wish.

2 – More family time

Given this day and age of technology, families are constantly pulled apart by mountains of technological devices that keep the members distracted and preoccupied. With eyes mostly glued to the screens, it can be hard for a family to truly connect and share quality time. Through a swimming pool, however, you’ll be given the chance to bond once more. Devices aren’t welcome in the pool (mainly because you risk ruining them) – only games, laughs, and smiles. Host a little family party complete with barbecue and potato salad, and you’ll find yourself closer to your family more than ever.

3 – More options for exercise

Not many realize this fact, but having a pool built means more options for exercise. Children will benefit from this, too, as it takes away the “boring” in exercising. What’s boring about splashing about, jumping to the pool, and swimming to and fro as games? This is particularly good for summer vacations, as children are mostly stuck in homes with nothing to do. Instead of raiding the pantry every few minutes, having a pool will turn their attention to creating new activities and games in the pool—and any activity means exercise for them!

4 –  Serves as a stress relief

As you ponder on the benefits of having a pool installed, remember that they easily serve as the best stress relievers in the world. It’s a good investment not just for fun, physical fitness, and bonding time—pools also see to your overall well-being. If you find yourself under pressure by the many stresses of life, let all your worries be washed away by splashing and relaxing in the water. If it’s complete relaxation you need, customize it with a swimming pool bubbler—it can’t get any better than that!

5 – Improve your home’s value

According to the National Association of Realtors, having a pool also increases your home’s value by 5%. If your home costs $300,000, for instance, an additional $15,000 worth of value will be added to the overall cost. Many argue that having a pool decreases a home’s value, but that’s a far cry from reality. Given its many benefits, investors will be willing to pay for more!


Having a pool can be challenging to maintain and the general costs can be a lot. The benefits, however, are endless. You cannot put a price on the time you get to spend with your family, the health benefits, and of course, the luxury of feeling like you have an accessible private resort. As you weigh your options, consider the benefits mentioned above!

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