4 Factors to Consider When Adding a Spa to Your Pool

Having a pool installed at your home is an incredible benefit to have. It’s incredibly aesthetic, fun to have around, and overall just a great investment for your home and for personal relaxation. The only thing that can make it even better, however, is the addition of a spillover spa into your pool set-up.

Adding a spa installation to your pool set-up is a common decision that a majority of pool-owners face at some point. A lot of internal debates can follow, prolonging your decision-making before finally looking into the possibility of choosing a style and installation.

While this is absolutely justified, by simply looking at the basic facts, you can guide your decision to what best fits your home and your style. To help you in that regard, here are four factors to consider when deciding to add a spa to your pool.

The Timing

Thinking of the timing for your spa installation is incredibly important, as this has a direct correlation to the amount of money you’ll be spending. The best time to consider this would be even before your pool is built and installed—this gives your pool installers some leeway to factor in the design of the spa before they do their job.

Even if your pool is already done and installed, you can still consider adding a spa, but this will entail higher costs. Not only is the construction itself more expensive, but it will also entail having to re-plaster your pool after the spa is done. By timing it during pool renovation or construction, you can cut some costs to make the whole process a bit more budget-friendly.

The Maintenance Cost

Getting a spa will entail more maintenance costs than your pool set-up. Spas generally have their own internal machinery and systems, all needing to be maintained by a licensed professional that specializes in spa units. As these systems are less used than the ones in your pool, these have the tendency to malfunction over time—meaning the need for more regular maintenance.

The Therapeutic Benefits

Consider the use of the spa in your home as well. While people generally equate a hot tub to relaxation and comfort, it’s only as useful if the unit is actually used. It might be a great idea at the beginning, but if you’re not the type to spend a night relaxing in a hot tub, then it might not be worth your time and money. If you do, however, relish at the thought of getting to spend a relaxing night with the warm bubbles and jets drowning out the hubbub of the surrounding areas, then a spa is the perfect addition for you.

The Resale value

While the most common argument for not installing a spa would be that it’s “waste of money,” also consider that this can inevitably increase your home’s value. Having a private spa is a big deal for real estate agents, as it won’t only increase the overall monetary value, but it also makes it more attractive for potential buyers. When choosing between a house with a spa and one without it, then chances are that the one with the spa will be the one chosen.


Adding a private spa to your pool installation might be costly, but it can be worth the cost if bought for the right reason. By checking through the abovementioned factors, you can make a better decision regarding the addition of a spa to your home.

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