4 Best Shapes for Your Inground Swimming Pool

Installing an in-ground swimming pool in your backyard can often bring excitement and luxurious entertainment for families. It opens up opportunities for endless pool parties during summer break and hours spent floating the hours away lazily on a hot afternoon. Before making the dream into a reality, there are some major design factors you need to consider: what’s the best shape for your in-ground pool?

Choosing a shape isn’t as straightforward as it seems as it involves consideration for your lifestyle and your yard’s landscaping. The size and shape of your yard can influence the look of your pool – be it a lagoon-inspired, oval design, or a classic, rectangular pool for those who want to squeeze in some laps every morning. Here are a few shapes to consider:

1. Rectangular In-Ground Pool

Rectangular pools are the most common shapes in both commercial and residential spaces. It’s a go-to, versatile design that can cater to various lifestyles. Avid swimmers can make the most of this design as it provides the perfect length for exercising.

In addition to providing the perfect lap for sporty families, the shape can also cater to hosting large parties. Geometric pools such as a rectangle can also suit any homes, even properties with a small backyard since the length of the pool is more than its width.

2. Oval In-Ground Pool

Oval pools are just as versatile as rectangular ones as the shape makes it perfect for lounging, dipping, or lap swimming. The rounded shape gives it a softer look compared to the hard angles on a rectangular pool, turning your backyard into an oasis as the design complements well-manicured landscaping with rock formations, mini waterfalls, trees, and more.

The shape naturally needs a wider space, so oval pools are best installed in homes with a spacious yard. 

3. Kidney In-Ground Pool

Kidney shapes have wide, rounded edges much like an oval pool, but it meets in the middle with an inward curve to serve as a dividing line between the deep and shallow ends of the pool. It looks similar to the uneven shape of a paint holder, with the irregularities combining both retro vibes and the breathtaking appeal of a lake.

It can fit both small and large backyards, giving your space a tropical touch, especially when you have trees, shrubberies, large-fanning plants, and other greenery as a backdrop.

4. Roman/Grecian In-Ground Pool

Combining geometric lines that stretch and meet at the end with curved edges, Roman or Grecian types of pools offer the best of both worlds in terms of style and versatility. The ancient architectural style doesn’t fail to paint yards with a sophisticated impression, but the combination of shapes limit this choice to those with smaller yards.

The Bottom Line

Swimming pools often bring good times to families across the world – depending on the surrounding landscape and the shape of your pool, it can turn your yard into a tropical paradise. Different designs can complement various lifestyles, so be sure to choose a shape that would best suit your backyard plans.

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