3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Pool Design – Our Guide

The definition of an ideal pool is different for everyone, but it’s a concept you must explore carefully. Deciding on which pool is best for you is essential before purchasing. It’s a huge investment, after all, so you’ll want to make sure that it continues to meet your needs for years to come.

To arrive at a well-informed decision, here are some things to consider as you select the best pool for you:

1 – What is your pool for?

People express the need for swimming pools for a variety of reasons. To identify which pool is best for you, you’ll need to understand your usage patterns. Some people are serious about swimming as a sport, so they’ll want to create a lap pool that offers such benefits. Long, narrow pools with a clear corridor of water work best for them, with no obstacles or design features to get in the away of swimming laps and fitness sessions.

If you intend to use your pool for recreation and relaxation, however, the ideal design for you will likely be courtyard or plunge pools. These are designed in more compact sizes, offering less length and width, but with a deeper design. Here, you will be able to completely submerge in the peace of the water, enjoying a rejuvenating little getaway in the comfort of your backyard.

2 – Do you want to be hands-on during the designing process?

The best possible pool for you is one that suits your requirements, as well as seamlessly blends with your home’s overall design. Ensuring that the pool matches your property gives off a stylish and sophisticated charm, which will appeal to future home buyers. This means an increase in your home’s value, which is why choosing the right pool should be seen as an investment.

The best way to approach your pool design selection is by consulting experts. From there, make sure to communicate all your requirements in detail, to ensure that the final design matches what you have in mind. If you want a more generic solution, however, you’ll be more suited to prefabricated pools. They come in various sizes and designs, so you’ll easily find a style that best suits your needs.

3 – What’s your budget?

As mentioned, your pool is an investment. This means that large sums of money will be involved, so it’s crucial to know how much you wish to work with when choosing a pool. While design and functionality are vital, affordability also has a role to play. Before taking the project any further, sit down with a detailed budget. To help you work through details, here are some pool options to take into consideration:

  • Vinyl-liner pools: These are the cheapest options, but their linings damage easily with regular use. You’ll likely end up spending more than expected for future repairs.
  • Fiberglass pools: Many pool owners choose this option as they are affordable. Despite being prefabricated, they still offer the strength and build quality of a concrete pool.
  • Concrete pools: These are built completely from scratch in your backyard, which makes them the most expensive option. Due to the amount of labor need to construct a concrete pool, it can take weeks or months to build. The labor costs will also add up, on top of material costs.


From everything said, the concept of an idea pool doesn’t exist—it varies, but enjoying the pool is key to choosing the best pool design. It’s your pool, after all, so you have all the creative freedom to choose its final design. Remember to be practical, however, so do your research and remember the tips we’ve discussed above.

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